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What does this mean - Scale?


What does this mean - Scale?


What does this mean - Scale?



Monitor Inclusive Markets is a specialized business unit within Monitor Group.


What do we do?
We are focused on identifying, developing, and catalyzing investment in inclusive markets. We believe financially sustainable solutions to social and development issues have tremendous potential to meaningfully and sustainably improve the quality of life and livelihoods of the world’s poor, and positively impact the societies in which they live.

The practice of seeking to address poverty through promoting self-sustainable enterprise is a relatively new field, and one which requires fundamentally new business models, or market-based solutions. The field as a whole requires a deeper understanding of what these models must look like.  Our work on inclusive businesses and markets is designed to bring an evidence base on what works – and what doesn’t – into focus, to help guide better decision making and investment by enterprises, investors, donors, and policy makers in order to build both the success of individual firms and the field as a whole.

We see much promise in this field, but also much hype. We believe the best way to counter hype and promote the adoption of business models that will be sustainable and have real social impact is with data, sound advice, hands-on experience.  Below is a sampling of our experience by content area and geography.

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